The Natural World

by Spring Silver

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Mountebank 06:20
Like a mountebank In the pale grey light I snuck off before my worries could find me Before the day had drawn aside the sky’s cloudy curtain To present itself to the waking Up the lichen covered path To the still, misty water Crisp and clear as a glass pane
When the country falls into the ocean I’m just supposed to move on But I jab my hands into the water And pull to no avail I don’t understand Why can’t the water be stilled And the land raised again? I paid my dues toiling and tilling But, I must have done it all wrong The denizens all smile and wave As the land falls away They all smile and wave As they drop into the blue
Digit 04:12
You can vacation in my body You can vacation in my skin You wear it better than I ever did Your house is nice But your gang walk is nicer And you’re the color of rice Or a Norwegian glacier I’m gonna close my fist And raise my third digit Oh, I wish I was you Just translucent Can’t even breath in the sunlight Or it’ll do me in Yeah that sounds nice Like a canvas is white No predispositions Painted on my figure
Mon Beau 03:53
As the unrobed trees Crawl up to the darkened, blue dusk sky She coos to the moon To further open wide its slender eye Kudzu Bloom, you beautiful monstrosity When the moon lights the grass With a dew soaked match She is coiled around the branches When the moon shines a light A 200,000 mile flight To wash the earth in pale white To prove its prowess to the night She is coiled around tight The silver night
Unrest 05:06
I forget so easily what it’s like to be wanted To see the outstretched hands grasping at the empty air Where I once stood The dreams that lift you from the earth Threaten to put you in the dirt And you reach for sanity But all your hands find is a tool to etch your sorrow into your arms Gnarled marks in your soft skin Like scratches on the wall To show how much your anguish has grown My shaky hand finds purchase in his as we lay in the dorm beds Too small to get a comfortable night’s sleep in This sleeplessness I once shared with you
Waterfront 03:40
People done lost their minds on the waterfront People done lost their minds on the waterfront The spectrum slurs into a solid white In a room that's football sized People done lost their minds on the waterfront Sailor girls are gettin' high on the waterfront Sailor girls are gettin' high on the waterfront This ain’t no place for a child But, as a parent, you thought, “How could it not be… right?” But, sailor girls are gettin high on the waterfront People done lost their minds on the waterfront People done lost their minds on the waterfront The spectrum slurs into a solid white In a room that's football sized But, it’s more than just the jungle juice that’s got 'em drunk It’s a service in a laser tag arena It’s a thousands strong clan of hyenas But I confess that I love this mess on the waterfront
Will I see the end of days in my time? Will I see the glaciers thaw (And) release trapped disease And I’ll try to keep the peace alive Here within my mind When the straw falls to break the back Cannot change the track Will apathy seal our fate? Shut the door? Is what we do no concern to us anymore? And I’ll try to keep the peace alive Here within my mind Are you scared to change your way of life Even to survive? Time goes fast So they say And we stay on our backs Too concerned With our own toils To resolve the true task And I’ll try to keep the peace alive Here within my mind Will we try to change the track Anyway we can?
Kin 06:24
7 or so men with guns In military outfits except one Round us up Looking for pension for our visit To La Fleuve A man grabs a bus in motion like He'd grab his oldest friend around the arm I suppose others grab hold with their faith To the bus that says ‘If your god is dead, try mine’ Seen in the home that I’d never known A kid digs out a piece of the road To resell on the street Article 15 The students are so nice And the moment we leave A protester dies What put the power in your leader's hands But uranium taken from my homeland My homeland that I’d never known
If you asked how it felt It was like the basement was a box And someone was shaking it around To guess their gift based on sound And the sound was abrasive guitars and bass Shrieked vocals from grimacing faces And the crowd knocked back and forth As the fray raged He fell in a heap to the floor We covered him in jojoba oil We effleuraged his back and shoulders Someone filmed with a camera phone from 2004
Surrogate 10:04
The dentist asks me questions With all their gear inside my mouth Cuz they know if I respond I’ll get scraped and I cannot swallow my eagerness to please and keep my jaw agape My surrogate wouldn’t care either way She’s got thick, thick hide She likes some gear in her bite I first found her on 495 On the shoulder, there she lay Her chest had ‘firestone’ engraved I knelt to check for a pulse in her wrist Only to be met with a straight barbell That wet the back of my neck As she put her jaw around my throat for a kiss “Is this how one makes friends?” I ask myself (I don’t know) The couple on the floor below Skirmish verbally They do this constantly It’s 1 am and I cannot swallow my eagerness to please And tell them to let me sleep When the wife eventually peels out Like a wagon in mud Her Geo Metro leaving behind an acrid cloud of dust My surrogate crawls down the steps To ask the husband what’s up So she’s fawning in the foyer Then she’s fawning on the memory foam Then I hear the new couple on the floor below me Their reverberating moans When the night is spent My surrogate comes back She tells me how it went And we exchange a laugh ‘Just don’t forget who took you off the side of 495’ I tease She playfully flashes her barbell at me
Hypnotist 07:47
We watched as he transformed them They gave up their wills to absorb him They became their own shadows Never to remember except within dreams We watched them express pleasure At a profound level At his command Something that I'd never seen We wear consciousness like a coat That we take off every night Our dreams become our realities Then they leave us when the day arrives Isn't it sad? I can barely remember But some had such value to me And now they're faded images Memories of memories


"The Natural World is light years ahead of its time. The record is such an unsung outlier it’s only a matter of time before the world catches up, if ever, to Kjell Hansen, the mastermind behind the Maryland-based DIY-prog rock outfit Spring Silver. For the band’s full-length debut, Hansen wears just about every hat; guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion, Đàn bầu, not to mention programming duties, engineering, production, lyrics and the illustration for that kick ass cover art. The Natural World is a massive feat, a queer metal tour de force that is remarkably consistent and fantastically executed. The penultimate “Surrogate” is ten minutes long and it’s honestly some next level shit. Classically modern, a modern classic. The sheer ambition behind this project will make you want to fork over your digital dollars (which you should), and one can only hope for a physical release of this massively overlooked record." -


released August 27, 2019

All songs written and arranged by K Nkanza, except ‘Hypnotist’ written by K Nkanza and Sam Pascal, ‘Unrest’ Arranged by K Nkanza, Matt Gatwood, and Sam Rosenberg.


all rights reserved



Spring Silver Silver Spring, Maryland

queer metal

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